• Dan Jarvis

    I called Ken just a few days before my daughter’s wedding as I realized that I could not do without a video history of the big event. Ken was so gracious and helpful. He was very easy to work with and delivered exactly what I wanted at a price that I felt was extremely fair. I would highly recommend Austin Wedding Videographers. Thank you so much Ken. -Dan Jarvis-

  • Karina and Antonio Sanchez

    “My husband and I are completely thankful for Austin Wedding Videographers! It was very short notice when I had called Ken to see if there was any chance they’d be available to take video of my wedding day. They were completely filled for that day, but thankfully, I received a call back from him confirming me that he could send out Lachelle. I was super grateful and thankful for the great deal he had given […]

  • Gabriel and Amy Velasquez

    “Gabe and I are very satisfied with our wedding video.  This was the only thing that concerned me when planning for the wedding b/c this is the only thing we will have left from the wedding besides the pics.  We are so grateful that you both put our minds to ease because we are truly pleased with the video and we cannot express in words how awesome the video is.  We will definitely be using you […]

  • Tim and Janette Heckman

    “You did your best to accomplish everything we wanted and everything came out great!  You really seemed to care about making a great video and giving us what we wanted.  We really liked the editing and the final result.   The service was great through the entire process.  Out of all the vendors we used (flowers, photos, dress, video, etc…), you at Austin Pro Video were by far the best!  The two things we were most […]

  • Gordon and Amber Light

    “Ken and Lachelle were great to work with! Very professional and accommodating. They were involved in all of our details and went above our expectations throughout the process. We were very satisfied with our video and the amount of time and appreciation that was put into the final product. Our friends and family love what they have seen so far and we are looking forward to sharing the rest. Going with Austin Pro Video was […]

  • Phillip and Rebecca Sanders

    “We loved how easy it was! You were easy to work with, very discreet at the wedding, and gave us a great product in a timely manner. We loved the slow motion recap at the end of the video! To us, the video is priceless! We will have those memories forever! I definitely would recommend your company to others! Your services and the final product is worth every penny. I think the video turned out […]

  • Summer Collett

    “Ken is a wonderful photographer. He is easy to work with, gives great directions, and he is fun to work with. I love the images that were taken as they are wonderful. I would recommend him to any one who wants amazing photos. – Summer Collett –

  • Jacob and Shannell Yett

    “The quality was great.  I viewed other wedding videos when looking for a videographer and found theirs to be hours long and boring.  Your video was visually stimulating and captured the emotions of the wedding.  Even the service was excellent!  You went beyond your call of duty to give us the best memories of the wedding.  You stayed longer than your arranged time at the wedding.  You were friendly and nice.  We thank you for […]